Temple Of Roo

NeoQuest guide by Forcemaster144. Read Also: Jungle Ruins, The Techo Caves.

Well, I'm back. I, once again, am here to write you a guide. This time, it will be part three, after the Jungle ruins, but before the deadly Techo Caves. If you have read my previous guide, then you know how to spend your XP. If you don't, go back and read it. I don't feel like explaining it again.

You should have level 3 weapons, and level two armor. This is about upgrading your weapons and armor one more time. Okay, first. To get the new armor, head west from Neopia City. Don't bother hunting. By now the creatures will be super easy to beat, and they will NOT give you EXP points. Okay, keep on going west. The thing in the Haunted Plains won't bother you much, but the will give out XP, though not that much. Still, XP is XP. Once you hit the Haunted Plains, hunt until you hit the Great Swamp. Okay. IDNQ has the map that you need. It is the map of all Neopia. Try to head to the west side of the swamp. Once you hit the mountains, head south so that you can get Level 3 armor. Once you see the break in the mountains, go through. Mokti and Leirobras need biological parts of desert creatures. Okay, save up your NP, and go to the shop wiz. Okay. I'll quit it with the dumb jokes if you stop throwing things at me.

You're going to get most of this stuff. What I would do is just fight until you have a complete set of one of these:


Since Mokti's has more likely stuff available (I didn't get the sand until much later, after about a day of fighting.) Choose the Dawnshine Generator Shield. It's exactly the same, and easier to get. Now that you are done with that, go down past the desert into the grassy area, but don't do much. Just hunt around. You should be able to cream the guys here, and hunt until you get a carved oaken staff. You'll need it later. Now, go through to the Temple of Roo. It's the cave that is under the curve of mountains in the desert. You should have spotted it when wandering around the desert. Now, you need to hunt, and hunt, and hunt. By now you should be about level 29. You are going to need to get at least three more levels. Sound hard? Trust me, it's just time consuming.

Okay, just search around. This site has a very good map for this place. Use it. *Notice: Forcemaster144 has just broken his jawbone from amazement (*hunter winks at forcemaster*).* Okay, okay. That is the last bit of humor in this. Now. Go though while hunting. Pick up some glowing stones. Make sure you have one. Keep on hunting. They may not give you much. But XP is XP. (that is the second time I have said that). Now keep on going through. Using the map, solve the puzzle on the second floor, and get ready to rumble. If you beat him while level 31, good job. If you beat him before that, you are super lucky. So, I will leave you with these words of wisdom. Make sure you are fully healed before fighting him. Make sure that you are level 32, 33, or (if your patience can stand it) 34. Now, FIGHT!!!!

Since you are back to reading this, I assume you fought him. Good job. Now, go back to Erick, who is in the tunnels above. He will clear the crystal that the Archmagus of Roo gave you. Now, go to Leirobras, and give him a piece of a living crystal. He will tell you about the gems of power. Give him the tiny stone he wants for the Growing Gem. Then, go BACK to Erick, and give him what HE wants for the Life Magic Staff. It attacks, and can heal 100 hp. Now only if you could of had that in your fight with the Archmagus. :-). Now, head down to the Techo Caves. And, there *baazbnofgofibndifogpnd*. This guide has had a sudden end due to your computer crashing. Not really, but Forcemaster144 will do the Techo Caves later.


Notice: This Guide stopped being my property when I gave it to IDNQ. However, you still have to ask me to copy from it. And you have to ask them. Post what you think of my guide. I still have some seriousness left in me. Expect more. Soon. Really soon. Okay. See you later!!!

Hunter smiles and winks at Forcemaster again.

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