Jungle Ruins

NeoQuest guide by Forcemaster144. Read Also: Beggining NeoQuest, Temple Of Roo.

Okay... You should know me as your guide to Neoquest. I wrote the first part of this guide, and now here we are, at the Jungle Ruins. If you have followed my guide: you will have, 6 point weapons and armor. If you don't, then good luck, you're going to need it.

Ahhh... the Jungle Ruins. This place has more bosses than anywhere, unless you count the Mountain Protectors as bosses. Now, there are three bosses. Two Mini- bosses and one boss. Krei, Gors, and Rollay, respectively, and they are tough. Now, First thing to do is, go to the Jungle Ruins Maps section, because this will be your map guide. And, if you have seen my previous guide, you will know how to spend your skill points. If you are following this guide, in both skill point spending, then good, if you aren't, well the, just do it your way. Now, in the previous guide I told you how to spend them. At level 12, you should have:

That is good. But, you are going to go to level 28 in this guide. Sooo, at level 23, have:

Now that you are at 23, you should be skilled enough to resist, stun, gain, and heal better. I would recommend you going and putting the last five points, for this guide, into any skill you choose, except for resurrect, ice magic, and fire magic, and don't spend it all in Field Medic and Lifesteal. I prefer going into spectral magic, personally. It helps you evade, and even help hit the enemy more. Okay, now to the guide.

First, head to the jungle ruins. If you don't know where they are, go to the Grove, the small clump of trees south-west of Neopia City. Then, head south, curving to the east slightly. When you hit jungle, you are there. Okay, just search around for a bit for it. Hunt a lot before you go in, and get ready to rumble. Head to the east side, and go into the first gap into the wall you see. This leads to a staircase, and go down it. Hunt around. I'm not going to help you get through it. You need all the XP you can get! Now, once at level 15, find Krei, and whip his tush. He's pretty pathetic. Then, take the teleporter back, and go down the stairs. Did I mention for you to be collection stuff? Here is what you need for one of the better weapons in the game:

Got It yet? Woooo!! Okay. I am just joking. Now that you have beaten Krei, go down the other stairs, and hunt all the way though. Do NOT go through the stairs once you are on the second basement. You have to go through a teleporter to get to Gors. Follow the map! Wow. I can't believe that I just said that! *grins sheepishly*

Okay, get serious now. You are going to need some mega level upping here. Follow my guide on the points spending, and make sure you are about level 21 to beat Gors. I'll wait. * A week goes by*

Ready? Are you level 21, full hp, or close enough, and a decent amount of healing potions? Good. Now, head towards Gors, pop some popcorn, get a few cokes out. Got all that stuff? Good!!! Let me come over and watch you beat him. *stares while people try to kill him* Hey!!! Leave me alone!!

Okay. You should beat him with ease. Just a few potions, and he'll die in no time. Now, go through the teleporter, up the stairs, up the other stairs. Use the map to get to Denethir. Get your second weapon upgrade. It'll kick some butt. Now, use the map to get to the basement again. Go to the second floor. Remember those stairs I told you not to go down? Well, go down them now. This is where the final boss of the Ruins is.

What fun, No? Okay, enough with the jokes. Time to get serious. This guy is deadly. He can stun for 3 rounds, and self heal 45hp. All that and 180 hp. Hope you have a lot of potions. Okay, now that you have gone down the stairs, hunt all the way to Rollay. Once you are level 26, you can beat this guy. Since those lizards give you some serious XP, I would suggest you just keep on beating them up. Note: You may not think it is a lot, but I would suggest leveling up as much as your patience can stand. Level 27 is a very good place to be when battling Rollay. Also, it speeds up the game later on.

Once at level 27, just walk up to him, and let the fireworks start! After beating him. Go back to the ground floor, and you have two options. All of the bosses in the ruins dropped keys. You can go to the very top of the tower, and get some info on the ruins, (Not needed, but hey! Gives you more XP, and some info.) Make sure that amulet is with you. It REALLY speeds up the game later. Okay. Choose what path you want, but after that, go to Neopia City, and talk to Eleius. He is your best friend for info.

Okay. This is the end of this guide, and the beginning of part three. Hope you like it.

Notice: This Guide stopped being my property when I gave it to IDNQ. However, you still have to ask me to copy from it. And you have to ask them. Post what you think of my guide. I still have some seriousness left in me. Okay. See you later!!!


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