Zombie World, The Two Rings

NeoQuest guide by Forcemaster144. Read Also: The Techo Caves, Beggining NeoQuest.

Okay, nice title, and it's true!If you are following my guides, or Strangefire420's, then that's good!You should know what skill points you need, if you are this far.Also, you should be about level 44, have all the guardian weapons, and the Inferno Robe.You are well on your way to beating the game.

Use the map to get to Kal Panning, and I would suggest that you sneak there.You can crush the monsters here with ease, and the give out about 5 XP, and can hurt you a little.You will need the HP, so just sneak.Don't worry about any monsters that you encounter.If you have above 5 weak healing potions, go ahead and heal after the rare fights on the way.Kal Panning looks like a smaller Neopia City, with one difference.You can actually go into the city, and see what it looks, or looked to be more accurate, like.:-)

The zombies here can put a hurting on you due to the constant life drain that they do.When they are really hurt, they drain you, but with your level, and more importantly, your weapon, you should crush them, and regain the HP.Gaining another level is a good idea, as these people give out decent XP, and are somewhat easy to beat.Once at level 45, head off to Faelinn to get a special artifact.She wants about 50 quests done to get it, so better have a lot of time and NP to spare.:-))J/K.I had to put that in, if you don't understand, look at my Desert of Roo guide.

Anyways, she is a piece of cake, because you have the polished medallion, right?Good.All you have to do is show it to her, and she instantly dies, and with her all of the citizens of Kal Panning.Then, she comes back, and you need to talk to her.I'll wait.........

Okay.She gave you the key to Two Rings, right?Good.Now, look at the NEW map of Kal Panning, and get out of there, on hunt or sneak.Head off to Two Rings Cave, where all you have to do is pass through to door, unless you want to talk to a rather odd techo with a Scottish accent.Didn't think so either.At least you don't have to fight him.

Now, really start hunting.Be at level 47 before you even dare enter the Palace of Two Rings.The worst on here is, umm, a techo.I didn't know that they came in pink.:-)These guys can drain 100 HP, which is a serious amount.Better get used to it though.This is where I suggest the Moonstone Staff.Its power heals you 4 HP every round, with the chance of 45 HP.Not bad!

Once level 47, get ready to go into the Palace.Stock up on potions, and get up to full HP, or as much as possible.Then, get ready to fight, fight....well, the worst creatures in the entire game.CHIAS!!! No, no, not the CHIAS!!! Every one can drain 100 HP, and also do a decent amount of damage even if they never drain.Start leveling up.Once level , and also do a decent amount of damage even if they never drain.Start leveling up.Once level48, go into the gardens, and head upstairs.You must hunt all the time.If you get seriously hurt, walk out side, and start beating up the poor protectors.Then, once you are healed, go inside again, and start leveling up.Once level 49, go into a frenzy, and attack everything, and everything.If you start getting really hurt in a fight, leave, and do the same trick.

Once level 50, get ready to whip some Jabahal.:-).Use the maps, and remember that your strongest attack will hurt him for a little bit, so don't use potions unless you really need to.He's actually pretty easy.Just another boss, and so, you should kill him in less than 100 moves.Once you are finished pounding him into the dust, watch the ending movie, and laugh your head off at the way he dies.Fitting way for an Eyrie.

Part 2 of this guide:

Why are you still reading this?Oh, you want to learn how to start a new game.Well, just go into Options, and look at the bottom.Select Evil or InSane.Then, just follow the instructions.Have fun!And remember, add one level to the enemy's to figure what level you should be to be on that level.On InSane, add two.Have fun getting a silver or gold trophy!


P.S.Hmmm....Well, why are you reading this? This guide series is over... or is it?

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