The Techo Caves

NeoQuest guide by Forcemaster144. Read Also: Temple Of Roo, Zombie World, The Two Rings.

Okay, what is it with you people. Or, should I ask, what is it with me? Why do you guys like my guide so much? Is it the humor, or the intellect? Post in comments.

Now that that is over with, we can get to the guide. If you want help on starting your game, either go to Strangefire's or mine. Both are about the same. Now. Beat the game until you are here. Done? Good.

The Techo Caves is the most ANNOYING part of this game, except for, MAYBE, just maybe, the Temple of Roo, with all the keys. *sigh*. Okay. This site has a VERY good map for this part. *Note: Hunter did not put that in there, Forcemaster144* Now, are you level 32 or 33? Good, because you will gain a TON of levels here. Now, the skills are yours to choose, but this is about upgrading your weapons and armor one, or two, last times. You should have: Life Staff and Level 3 Armor (From Swamp Edge City).

Now, Go to Techo Caves Maps Section. You are going to need it BIG TIME. Now. You should be at the entrance of the Temple. Head south until you hit the mountains, and then find the cave entrance. Use the map.

Alright, at the beginning of cave one, there is Mr. Irgo, who wants items, no big surprise! I don't know the items exactly, so go use Strangefire's guide, and if she doesn't have them, well talk to hunter. All right, so you get the new armor. It doesn't matter really. All right, so it does. It depends on what you want. If you want to hurt them, while blocking their attack, go for the Magical armor, if you want HP from their attack, then go for the Energy. Either way helps you. I prefer the Energy armor. Now, you are going to have to LEVEL up seriously. Hope you have a lot of patience :-).

Now are you ready to kick some butt? Good, you'll need it later. What you need to do is go to Sunshine City. There, a nice little pteri will help you a lot. What fun. She'll shine up a certain medal. Like I said in previous guides, taking detours will sometimes help later in the game.

Okay, now to fight. Hunt and hunt and hunt your guts out. You need to gain AT LEAST 10 levels in these caves. (You need to be at about level 45 to meet up with a certain zombie!). Follow the map to the Mountain Fortress. Now, for a checklist:

Lets get ready to RUMBLE!!! Now, you still need to level up, but in these walls are the best people to level up against. The life elementals. Go to the Map, and find out where the Guardian of Life Magic is, and then go there. Hunt around till you have 40 levels under your belt. Now, you can take on the Guardian of Life Magic. He has 450 hp, but will rarely hit you. You will need at least 0 potions, and at most, all of them. Just kidding. Once you have "disbanded" him, then you should level up to level 42 via the Life Elementals, and then take a look around the fortress to see the other guardians.

Now, view the map, and see if you should level up one last level. Level 44 is my recommended level for leaving the caves. You will gain the last level at Kal Panning. Good Luck.


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