Beggining NeoQuest

NeoQuest guide by Forcemaster144. Read Also: Jungle Ruins, Zombie World, The Two Rings.

Okay, All of the guides that I have seen have different point patterns for your starting points. The most effective that I have seen is 1 point in all of Shock skills, and 1 in the first three Life skills. The end result will be:

This will allow you to have two chances to stun (Shock Weapons and Shockwave), two to heal (Field Medic and Lifesteal) heal better with healing potions (Life Weapons), and two to hurt (Shockwave and Normal Attack). Pick a wand, I prefer the yellow wand, though they are all the same. Now for a short level guide. Put all your points that you get from leveling up into the Life Weapons until its level 5. As such, your weak healing potions will heal 15 hp. Then, start adding them to everything in the Shock Weapons Catagory, until about level 21. So you should have :

At this point, you are on your own. At least, until I make the next Installment on my guide.

Now that you are ready, start out and hunt some imps. Never you normal mode of moving. Always use Hunting or Sneaking. You either want to encounter monsters, or you don't.

I would suggest that for your first and second levels that you not stray beyond three squares for Neopia City. That will allow you to sneak back quickly and get healed. Okay, once you are level three, go out some more, and hunt until you get either:


What ever you get, it doesn't matter. After you have gotten these, go to Moraxis Dorangis, and get either a Cloth Robes (The one with the Blue Thread) or an Energy Sheild (The one with the Chunk of Metal). I chose Energy Robe because it sounded nice, but it does not make a difference. Now, go hunt some more in the Hills of Jub. Once up to level five, heal yourself at Boraxis, or use healing potions, but only if you have a VERY high ammount. Okay. Now you are ready. Sneak into the cave and then hunt through the entire cave. I would suggest that you use the maps on this site, but otherwise, don't bother. Keep on hunting and healing until you reach Floor 4. This level will slaughter you unless you have a nice supply of potions. Don't bother maxing the Potions out , but make sure to have at least 5 Standard, and about 20 weak.

Do not leave this cave until you have:

This will give you either a Magic Robe or a Mirrored Force Field. The Mirrored Force Field needs: A Piece of Glass, A Glowing stone, A Lodestone, A Tiny Obsidian. The Robe need every thing the MFF does, but with a few changes: A Stretch of Rotted Cloth, A Pelt of a Cave Lupe, A Glowing Stone, A Tiny Obsidian. Don't leave the cave if you have all of these, you will get the new armor soon enough.

Also, don't leave the cave until you have:

Level 12 is the level I reccomend for fighting Xantan, although you CAN beat him at level 10. But if you can beat him at a level below 9, I will give you 1,000 np. Not really, but sheesh. That was lucky. This battle should be short and to the point. He should be applying dammage, but at such a little ammount that you should only use 2 or 3 healing. Just keep on punding him, take a potion now and then, and he will be pounded to, ummm..., well, slimy dust in no time.

Now, go back to the City, and talk to Coras Tille. She will make you your new armor. Then, talk to Eleus Batrin, and give him the items needed for his weapons. The items above are for the Shock weapon, and that is the one I reccomed. Well, talk to him about the ruins, and that is where you want to go. I am still in the dank caves, and will be until I get enough XP to get to level 12. This is Forcemaster144 saying Good bye till next time, which will be soon, I hope.

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