NeoQuest II: Bosses

Boss or Unique monsters are found in the lists below. They're split up by chapters - just click on the chapter in the navigation bar below to view its bosses.

NQ2 "Boss" monsters do not have a fixed experience boost - hence you might get a different result than show below. This is not a mistake in the guide. This information, if recorded, is based on personal expirience - you might get a different bonus for defeating the boss.

Victory Speech is said when the boss defeats you, Defeat speech is said when you defeat the boss.

Meridell | Terror Mountain | Lost Desert | Haunted Woods | Faerieland

ImageBoss Information
Sand GrundoSand Grundo
Location: Phorofor (the lost city) (View Map).
Hit Points: 130 (162 on evil; 195 on insane).
Special: Critical Attacks.
Loot: 1 armor / weapon - either for Mipsy or Rohane..

Doesn't say anything.